Board members & Chairs


The Board of Directors meets monthly and there are at least three Membership meetings in which all PTSA members are encouraged to attend. Visit our calendar to find the next upcoming PTSA meeting. If you would like a copy of our meeting minutes, please email our secretary.


2020-2021 Executive Committee

President - Katja Wright

Secretary - Candice Wheeler

Treasurer - Andrew Brill

Vice-President(s) of Fundraising - Rebecca Lavier & Funda Ozkeskin


2020-2021 Board of Directors

Membership Chair - Jen Fowler

Volunteer Coordinator(s) - Priyanka Sangam & Kiran Badam

Legislative Advocate - Sheila Sappington

Communications Co-Chair(s) - Sarah O'Brien & Sudha Balaji

ASB Liaison - Molly Hylen


2020-2021 Committees & Chairs

Nominating Committee - Lena Hamilton, Candice Wheeler, Heather Chapman, 

Financial Review Committee - Charlotte Olsen, Andrea Estrada, Kerri Miller

Pantry Packs Chair - Maria Villar

Knight Life Chairs - Lara Osborn, Amanda Dinklocker, Janna Stanley, Miriam Lamaute

Knight Life Concessions Chair - OPEN

School Pictures Chair - Jen Mosca

Reflections Art Chair - Prathiba Ganesan

Back to Business Days Chair - OPEN 2021

Drama Production Chair - Kate Gordon

Health Screening Chair - Nicole Crandall

Emergency Prep Chair - Kurt Dillard

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Chair - Nishtha Babith

Spelling Bee Chair- Leta Hamilton & Elena Luican

Special Education Co-Chairs - Sudha Balaji & Ashley Thompson

Awards & Scholarships Chair - OPEN

Staff Appreciation Chair - Paula Cisneros

Tri-Awareness Chair - OPEN

Sustainability Chair - Maria Villar