mission & goals



The mission of the Inglewood Middle School PTSA is to enhance the educational and cultural experiences of all students at the school and to help staff in providing a safe and nurturing environment in which students can thrive. We also strive to build a strong and supportive community by increasing communication and family participation.


 The Goals of Inglewood PTSA for  2023-2024

  • Promote the benefits of becoming a PTSA member to increase membership by 5% overall.

  • Provide clear, concise, and timely information to the school community in order to increase participation in school, ASB, and PTSA activities and events by fully utilizing the website, electronic communications, bulletin board and membership meetings throughout the school year.

  • Enrich the educational experience of Inglewood Middle School students by funding programs and events to supplement the curriculum.

  • Grow leaders by involving Inglewood students to present at our PTSA meetings.

  • Continue to implement outreach programs to benefit students and families in need.

  • Educate families about local and state advocacy issues and opportunities directly affecting our school community.


Upcoming Events