Corporate Matching Donations


You may know that we have a lot of companies in our area that will match the financial and volunteer hours made by our parents here at Inglewood.  This essentially doubles your contribution to the enrichment of our school! Each company does this in a slightly different way, but they all mean one thing- more resources available for our students, teachers, and community.




How Do I Find Out if My Company Participates?

  • Visit your company's employee website for information and procedures. There may be forms that you need to fill out and submit to them.
  • Ask your HR department if they have a matching program. Some companies have programs for matching financial donations and/or matching volunteer hours at an hourly rate.
  • Here is a list with details of matching programs for some companies: Matching Companies.
  • Here is a comprehensive directory of Companies with Matching Programs.
  • You can search for your company on this website to see if and how they match your donations.