Super Sitters, Safe kids & Polite kids Classes 



There are no classes scheduled for 2021-22 academic year. We hope to back with it next year if these classes are allowed to be held in person.       






How do parents know when their child is ready to stay home alone? What should your child know about first aid, choking, fire prevention or aggressive dogs? Don’t know how to initiate the discussion on stranger danger, abduction, abuse or digital safety, like cyberbullying or sexting? Parents, your peace of mind is on the way! This class teaches your child how to be safer at home and in the community! In less than 2 hours, your child will learn important safety principles that will teach them best safety practices in the home and in the community!



                          Super Sitters Class online

Super Sitters prepares your student to start their career in babysitting and finish well. We’ll cover the basics in child care such as: What various ages like to do, common problems babysitters face, what to charge and how to manage your business, as well as provide first aid and respond to emergencies. In less than 3 hours of interesting and engaging learning, your child will become a sought-after babysitter, implementing a plan to find babysitting jobs and care for kids of all ages with equal measures of skill and fun.   

                                            Polite Kids 101 Online              

You’re cordially invited to prepare your children for any social situation with Polite Kids 101 — it’s as easy as click, watch, and learn! In less than 2 hours, a sassy child will realize how uninviting it looks to be disrespectful, and a shy child will learn the importance of good eye contact. This is a manners/etiquette class that teaches the basics such as:

- How to introduce yourself

- How to set a family-style table

- What it means to show kindness & respect

- How to interrupt conversations, politely

- Birthday party manners, and MORE!